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SongColeta is the ultimate destination to find all your most loved lyrics and music videos at one place. Our website provides lyrics of more than 1.6 million songs from multiple cultures and languages.

Songcoleta is made up of two words “Song” and “Coleta” (spanish word, means collection), which shows the purpose of the website that it is basically a destination for collection of songs. The website was created in 2010, and since then it has served tens of millions of visitors in their hunt for song lyrics. And, our loyal visitors base keep on increasing day by day.

Besides providing the lyrics, the website also shows the most popular youtube videos for the song on the same page, so that the users can read the lyrics and watch music video at the same time. It also provides translation of all the lyrics in about 5 languages, which is all the more reason that people from all over the world use our website on a daily basis.

One more salient feature of the website is the Search functionality, you can search among all the lyrics quickly and fastly using the search button. You can search by Lyrics words or the name of the singer.